• And then, there was Astronomy...
    It's time for a better Windows Task Manager. Astronomy combines the best features of the embedded Windows Task manager with improved graphs, views, metrics and data capture.
  • Application Design & Development
    Have a need for a Windows-based application but can't find the right one to meet your needs? Xcalibur will design and build a .Net application that is right for you.
  • Web Design
    We offer Web Site design for anyone: whether it be an individual, a small business or a corporation. Whatever your web needs may be, we will do our best to give you the site you envision. Once you are satisfied with the result, we will hand you all the assets and let you take over.
  • Video Editing
    Do you have a special event saved away that you want to cleanup, edit, or enhance? We have the resources to edit your video any way you want providing you with a clean, finished result.
  • Check Out Our Blog
    We like to blog on .Net topics. Specifically: the .Net 4 framework, C#, RIA, Silverlight and WPF. Come visit us sometime. Feel free to contact us if you want us to blog on a specific topic within our expertise.